About us

Насос перистальтический

NOVATORINVEST ENTERPRISE LLC is situated in Zaporizhzhya region and specializes in production and sale of equipment for various industries.

The priority directions are development and manufacturing of:
peristaltic (hose) pumps of NP series, designed for pumping viscous fluids, chemically active liquids, solutions with a high content of abrasive particles and the like;
production lines for foam polystyrene sheets and for permanent formworks;
pneumatic concrete placers, used  for mixing and pumping of different building solutions during laying of floor, plaster, pouring of concrete into formworks, cavity fillings, torkret processing;
compulsory mixers, concrete mixing machines, scaffolding platforms.

Equipment of our production is operated in many enterprises throughout Ukraine and abroad.

• simple operation, reliability, versatility;
• cheaper than western analogues (with similar characteristics).

All equipment is manufactured according to particular needs of the Client, considering specific and operating conditions.
Our specialists carry out commissioning and provide staff training of equipment operation.